The Royal Initiative Against Poverty and Starvation (RIAPS)

is a non-governmental organization (NGO), which specialises in providing the finest resources for the purpose of social economic development and inspiring members of society for value.


Our corporate goal is to help individuals, organizations and countries translate available human potential into national and organizational results. We are working in concert with the United Nations and stakeholders to accomplish the sustainable development goals with a focus on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger (SDG’s).

Our Mission

Eradicating Poverty, Enhancing Productivity.

Our Vision

Building a society without poverty and hunger.

Our Motto

Caring Hearts, Giving Hands.

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The prevailing rate of poverty in our societies has remained the concern of individuals, governments, NGO’s, stakeholders and spiritual institutions. Many agencies have come to floor this monster but the epidemic seems to defer all manner of solutions.


The author expresses practical steps to apply to eradicate extreme poverty once and for all. He shows the way out of this paradox (poverty in the midst of plenty) by erecting three pillars of culture, people, and leadership. He also goes further to connect potential to several power points, power links and power routes in the bid to unlock the wealth of mankind.


As you journey through this wealth of knowledge you are bound to experience enough power to move you to the next level. Who says the poor must stay poor remains a strategy for individual and national transformation.

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