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Our Strategy

Royal Initiative Against Poverty & Starvation

As an organization has continued to work in concert for the development and capacity utilization of the resources of people laying the foundation for knowledge-driven economies.

Corporate Strategy

RIAPS is positioned by a strategy to effectively implement its goals over the years and beyond. Its short-term corporate strategy is focused on creating a habitable a sustainable environment in IDP camps across Nigeria which spans between 1 to 3 years. Its long-term corporate strategy, which spans between 3 to 7 years is the implementation of the relocation model; providing conducive housing for internal refugees and permanent employment. We are currently facilitating six campaigns namely: Education, Housing, Entrepreneurship, Information, PVE/CVE, and Environmental Campaigns. They all roll up to form our short and long-term strategy.

Our mission stipulates a series of activities which roll up into our vision.

01 Facilitate skill development sessions with the farmers, mechanics, tailors, and others to facilitate personal and community productivity in the IDP camps.

02 Closing the education gap through education programmes, building schools, and our teachers’ programme.

03 Humanitarian response to IDP camp(s) needs.

04 Providing a sustainable living environment within the IDP camps.

05 PVE and CVE response.

06 Implement our relocation and independence model.

07 Consistent release of Intellectual Property (Magazines, books, and films).