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Partners and Partnership

Partnership and Coordination Appeal (PCA)

Our partnership mechanism is used to coordinate programs and activities around a unified National Strategic Plan and an integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. Our partnership mechanism has three main components which complement each other; Partnership Forum, Partnership Fund, and Partnership plea.

Partnership Forum

The Forum provides the avenue for consultation and information sharing; joint planning and review in line with the National Strategy for our humanitarian and PCVE response. The Forum further looks into aspects of resource and mobilization and the entire spectrum of support and intervention.

Partnership Fund

This is a pooled source of funds from a wide range of partners; individuals, International, and National government agencies partnering charities and others. The funds are used to facilitate the campaigns mentioned above.

Partnership Appeal

We are calling on your good will to be part of any of our interventions and campaigns. You or your organization can participate in any of the following ways:

01 Fund all our Interventions/Campaigns.

02 Fund one Intervention/Campaign.

03 Fund part of one Intervention/Campaign.

04 Fund part of one or more of our Interventions/Campaigns.