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The Royal Initiative Against Poverty and Starvation (RIAPS)

is a non-governmental organization (NGO), which specialises in providing the finest resources for the purpose of social economic development and inspiring members of society for value.

Our corporate goal is to help individuals, organizations and countries translate available human potential into national and organizational results. We are working in concert with the United Nations and stakeholders to accomplish the sustainable development goals with a focus on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger (SDG’s).

The RIAPS Dream
The RIAPS dream is a dream of unprecedented scope and significance. It recognizes that eradicating poverty in all its shapes and sizes, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and a non-negotiable requirement for peace and prosperity. We are fully resolved and involved to liberate Nigeria and the continent of Africa from the tyranny of this monster called poverty. We are taking bold transformative and reformative steps to shift the continent towards a path of sustainable development. As we continue on this journey, we are determined to leave no one behind. In a nutshell, the subject of our dream is the poor; It is poor people living in the Continent of Africa.
our Mission
Eradicating Poverty, Enhancing Productivity
our vision
Building a society without poverty and hunger.
our motto
Caring Hearts, Giving Hands.

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